Global Fleet Software Solutions for Channel Partners

Software Solutions That Manage Driver Risk in Any Fleet Around the Globe

Why offer a variety of point products when AlertDriving can identify, mitigate and monitor driver risk in any fleet, anywhere—all from one single platform. FleetDefenseSM has trained nearly 2 million drivers across five continents, with content localized for over 90% of the world's population. Available on mobile and desktop platforms, our fleet management software solutions provide Channel Partners with a global end-user audience, the industry’s best technology, and a Return on Investment (ROI) no other vendor can match.

How We Go Further: Empowering Channel Partners Who Represent Our Global Fleet Solutions

While other vendors promise referral and commission fees, AlertDriving's Partner Program goes further: we will help you build your business with our suite of driver risk management tools. Simply by joining, you receive full web-hosting support, sales coaching, and a range of other services to secure your long-term growth and success. To learn more, visit our Channel Partner Benefits page.

Training and Certification that Supports Channel Partners

Some of the largest vehicle fleets in the world already use our driver risk solutions. Now, we want to share that success with qualified Partners who have yet to discover the potential for growth in the fleet management industry. Our Channel Partner Training and Certification program will engage you with an intensive, two-day training regimen that addresses

  • The market fundamentals of global fleet risk management, including total market size and industry trends
  • Prospecting techniques that work with Fortune 500 companies, as well as ways to outsell the competition
  • Modular design, e-Learning, and why our Defensive Driver Training program appeals to adult users
  • The key aspects of FleetDefenseSM, and Hazard Perception Evaluation, our driver risk assessment tool
  • How to tailor product demos for each prospect—and much, much more

Deal Registration—Your Global Advantage in Fleet Risk Management

AlertDriving’s Deal Registration Program is among the most generous in the fleet management services industry. No other software vendor provides Resellers with the same global end-user audience that we do, and by registering deals with us, you receive

  • Protection and security for your investments in an approved new opportunity
  • Exclusive discounts on reselling our driver risk mitigation tools, such as our Defensive Driver Training program, and other products and services
  • Additional discounts on specific registered and approved deals from AlertDriving

Driving the Sale of Our Risk Management Tools to Fleets Around the Globe

The AlertDriving Co-Op Marketing Program is designed to help you drive the sale of our solutions to vehicle fleets worldwide. We pioneered the market for cloud-based driver risk management, and we have the expertise to support your business with lead generation, promotions and online marketing, co-op advertising funds, and other key resources. Joining the program will help you

  • Stretch your marketing budget further to represent AlertDriving products and services
  • Nurture demand and leads, and coordinate brand and marketing campaigns
  • Allow time to focus on other areas of your business
To learn more, visit our Channel Partner Benefits page.

A Recurring Revenue Stream that Works for Channel Partners

Once you begin offering our global driver risk management solutions, you will benefit from one of the Partner Program's best features—access to a 3- and 5-year recurring revenue stream.