International News - May 2017

In-car cow avoidance: Automated cow avoidance for cars on Indian roads

Driverless cars are hitting the headlines across the globe but for the foreseeable future we will still have drivers. The pressure then is how might some of the safety features of driverless cars...

Radical plans to bolster cyclist safety: Call for drivers to sit extra tests

Experienced motorists would undergo regular retesting and learner drivers would be made to ride bicycles as part of a tough new driver training program being considered by a powerful parliamentary...

Diesel drivers will be paid to scrap their cars to improve air quality

Diesel drivers will receive compensation to encourage them to scrap or "retrofit" highly polluting vehicles under Conservative plans to reduce emissions to be unveiled later this week.


The tech that saves you from reckless drivers

In the motoring world, each new technological advancement introduced over the decades has seen cars improve in terms of driver safety and enjoyment.

But fatal collisions on our roads – as...

Abu Dhabi Police and experts stress tyre safety as temperatures rise

Fourteen people were killed and seven seriously injured in 28 traffic accidents in the emirate last year caused by faulty tyres, authorities have said.

Abu Dhabi Police and road safety...

Speed cameras not changing driver behaviour

Six out of ten people said they had not changed their driving habits since the introduction of fixed speed cameras in Luxembourg in 2016.

According to a survey conducted by TNS Ilres with...

Police and courts fail cyclists over road safety, says cross-party inquiry

Policing and the justice system are too often failing cyclists, making the roads too dangerous for people to ride on them, and then not properly prosecuting or banning motorists who commit...

Potholes and poor signage could delay self-driving vehicles

Potholes, poor road markings and complicated signals and signs could hamper the development of self-driving cars, new research suggests.

It also questions whether the associated...

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