North America News - September 2017

People are Still Wary of Self-Driving Cars, But Reluctance Drops After They Try Driver-Assist Features, Study Says

Most people still say they wouldn’t buy a self-driving vehicle, but they become far more open to the idea after they try cars with automatic driver-assist features.

That’s according to a...

Car Owners Inundate Insurers with Claims after Hurricane Harvey

Auto insurers were already bracing for another bad year when the downpour started in Texas, producing potentially hundreds of thousands of new claims.

“We do know that approximately 100,000...

FMCSA Suspends Rules in 26 States to Help Fuel Supplies Flow after Harvey

To aid in the effort to bring supplies and fuel to the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the State of Texas have temporarily suspended several...

Mexico to Boost Budget for Road Studies in 2018

Mexico’s Secretariat of Communications and Transport is looking to inject US$84.2 million into the Road Studies and Projects Programme in 2018.

The studies are geared towards increasing the...

Top Reasons Insurance Won't Cover You in a Crash

Car insurance can be a tricky thing. The only way to really test it is to have something bad happen. All that legal fine print and those payout limits may seem agreeable in the abstract but you...

Back to School Means Sharing the Road Safely

Head’s up, folks. The kids are back in school.

While the overall Transport Canada figures for 2015 (latest available) suggest a slight downward trend in pedestrian fatalities, some places,...

So You Want to Buy an Electric Car? It Requires Some Planning

Over the last few years, many of my colleagues have asked me questions about cars. Recently at NPR West in Culver City, Calif., we got two electric chargers. When my colleague Melissa Kuypers said...

Ways to Reduce Bicycle-Vehicle Crashes Studied

With bicyclist road deaths on the rise, the Governors Highway Safety Association is urging states to better address the problem - including improving collection of data on bicycle-motor vehicle...

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